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Paul Donohue

62+ Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Retirement is a time of great change. For most people, it’s an exciting time filled with opportunity and new challenges. There is also uncertainty as you face the prospects of a long retirement…the biggest concern is outliving your money. Housing is your largest expense, and can be your most important asset throughout retirement. Ask Paul about your Reverse Mortgage retirement options, and learn how to eliminate your required mortgage payment, increase your household income and protect your cash assets.

Why I Love Reverse Mortgages

Today’s Reverse Mortgage is the retirement gem stone, hiding in plain sight.
It’s my privilege to work with people 62 and above, to understand their history, assess where they are in life and hear about their dreams for the future. I love the versatility of the reverse mortgage, as a powerful retirement planning tool, to free up household income, increase cash flow, and protect the Family’s other portfolio assets.
The Reverse Mortgage is a transformational home loan product of national, historical significance, that will certainly transform the way we function in retirement for the next hundred years.

Paul Donohue, Reverse Specialist, Fairway Asheville Mortgage Team

Why Clients Choose Paul


When you meet Paul for the first time, you will get the sense that he is completely engaged with you and your circumstances. “Paul is an amazing communicator”, said David Kanis the Branch Leader for the Asheville Team; “He cares very deeply about people, and has great balance between listening and speaking. When you talk to Paul, you come away knowing you have been heard and understood.”
When it’s about your Home, your Family, your Finances, and important decisions concerning your Retirement, it is vital that you are working with a person who is willing to learn what you want and need. In this impersonal age of the faster click, imagine the difference in your mortgage experience, when you have full confidence your advisor is engaged in fulfilling your agenda, not their own.

“… only after I truly understand what my clients want for their life in retirement, can I provide them proper guidance on the financing strategy best suited to get them there. My approach is…seek first to understand, then to be understood.” ~ Paul Donohue


A student of the lending industry, Paul earned is first designation as a Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS), in 1996. He went on to train and educate more than 45,000 mortgage professionals nationwide, on the fundamentals of lending, loan product knowledge, guidelines, ethics, compliance, and the historic importance of homeownership in building household wealth in this country.
Paul became aware of the importance of mortgage education in 1993 when he took his first three-day course on mortgage lending, and realized the industry was poorly trained. “Paul is very generous with his knowledge”, says Kathy Godin a protégée and friend since 1887, “He insisted that I share my knowledge and expertise with my clients, which has been a cornerstone of my success”.

“…the more informed my borrowers are about their mortgage loan options, the better they feel about their loan decision…and, the better they feel about their loan decision, the better they feel about my service.” ~ Paul Donohue


Paul is proudly “blue collar”. His family was originally made up of coal miners and steel workers. His father was first a repair man, and then in sales…his mother was a waitress all her life. Paul has been working since he was twelve and out on his own at age fifteen. He has built three successful companies, all related to housing and housing finance.
As a Master Loan Originator, Paul has personally originated over 3,000 home loans, many of which were referrals or second and third loans in the same family. A front line street smart originator since 1987, Paul has the experience and know-how of someone that has been there. “Anyone can take a loan application, heck a computer can do that” says Howie Patton, the support leader of the Asheville Team; “ Paul brings the rare combination of decades of experience, along with cutting edge solutions for today’s complex retirement challenges…you simply cannot quantify his depth of experience.”

“…learning is a lifelong experience, the more you do the more you know, the more you know the more you can give, and the more you give…the more value you can be to those you serve.” ~ Paul Donohue


We have all been at the effect of a poor service experience…it can be infuriating, and costly. It has become all too common, with the influence of technology; it seems Service Excellence is more the exception than the rule. Excellence does not have to cost you more. You simply have to be working with people who are committed to the hard work, that true excellence demands.
Paul has been relentlessly pursuing excellence his entire career. He was recognized as Broker of the Year by the NC Association of Mortgage Professionals, and awarded the Eastern Regional Broker of the Year from the National Association of Mortgage Professionals. “Paul has definitely raised our game” says Marco Bulluck, the Asheville’s Team Ops Manager, “…this is about your home, your family and your future and nothing less than perfection will do.” Excellence is never an accident.

“…people take a service failure personally. Our clients are at the effect of our service experience and we must constantly demonstrate our commitment, and fidelity to Excellence in everything we do.” ~ Paul Donohue

Client Feedback on Paul Donohue

Deb Ogle | Asheville, NC

We met Paul when we were researching options for our retirement. He was extremely courteous and listened to our specific needs carefully. In the end, we did select a reverse mortgage and are pleased with the entire Fairway Mortgage team’s handling of it all!

Mark Hanna | Hayesville, NC

The income from my reverse mortgage, allowed me to finally leave my part time job and spend all my time on my art work and sculpting.

This Reverse Mortgage has been a real game changer for my retirement…I highly recommend Paul and the Asheville Team!

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Quick Facts About Paul

How'd You Land in Asheville?

I was born in Buffalo, New York. I struck out on my own early in life and spent three years adventuring across the United States, then settled down in Southwestern Virginia, where I met my wife and we began our family. We moved to North Carolina in 1987 and in the 40 years that followed, we raised two sons, started a family business and built the horse farm of our dreams. Now our down time is spent mostly with our two beautiful grandchildren and keeping up with the farm!

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