One big myth about housing for Baby Boomers is that everyone wants to downsize in retirement…not true.
According to research published by Merrill Lynch, 19% of retirees move into a similar sized home and 30% upsize to accommodate family, entertain friends or to go for their Dream Retirement Home.
That means, about 50% of us buy a similar sized home in retirement, or we go bigger!
Perhaps your home doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore, or you are moving to be closer to Family. Whether you go bigger or smaller, the key is to Right-Size, Affordably and Sustainably…for the good-life ahead of you.
As Boomers, we’ve had an amazing ride and…I’ll bet You Feel it’s far from over. You have much more to do, more to see and more to give!
Boomers are strivers, we’ve always lived life to the max; We’re by nature, Optimists. …We see what’s possible and we go for it!
You, Have A Dream for your Retirement…right? You know what you want to Do, …Where and How you want to live.
So, before you start shopping for your next place…give me a call and let’s take a minute, to explore your personal Right-Size, and how a Reverse Mortgage can make your Dream Retirement Home Possible!

I’m Paul Donohue, this IS…Your Minute in Reverse!

I’m Paul Donohue, this IS…Your Minute in Reverse!

62+ Reverse Mortgage Specialist
NMLS # 68305

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