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True Story. Talking recently to a friend and respected Financial Planner, we concluded the absolute worst possible time to retire was March of 2020. She had a client who had been planning to retire for over three years, and the week before the Dow lost 30% of its value this couple both retired from long standing jobs.

…they lost over $100,000.00 of retirement income funds in one week. Their retirement party was over before they had a chance to hold it!

Millions of retirees across America are looking at their investments, watching savings and portfolios ravaged by this Covid-19 Crisis, devastating their once solid retirement income plan.

As you may know, when you withdraw income from your portfolio in a down market year, there can be significant negative consequences over future years of planned retirement. Practically speaking, you may never recover these losses.

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…having an alternative buffer account to provide additional cash flow in down years is vital to protecting future retirement assets, by preserving your investment portfolio. This strategy is called “Mitigating Sequence of Returns Risk.” …be sure to speak with your financial advisor about what you can do now for your personal situation.

For homeowners 62 or better, managing sequence risk starts with a basic rule of personal finance, which is: Always shore up your lines of credit when you do not need them, so they are in place when you do.

The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, known as a HECM is the only Government Insured Reverse Mortgage, regulated by the Federal Housing Administration. This HUD Insured Retirement Loan can be set up as a GROWING credit line. When needed you’ll have tax free access to this Equity Line of Credit for Emergencies, for Market volatility, or just for added cash flow.

HECM’s are highly misunderstood and a vastly under-utilized financial tool, designed purposely for Senior Homeowners to convert a portion of a home’s equity, into an expanding credit line to be used for any purpose.

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Also, for as long as you live in and maintain the home as your primary residence, pay your homeowners insurance and property taxes, there will never be a Required Monthly Payment.

The HECM Home Equity Line of Credit is a Safe, Smart and Sensible way to convert illiquid Home Equity, into a growing…cash buffer account.

To find out more about converting to a HECM, give us a call and let’s explore how you can set aside a portion of your home equity, to enhance and better protect your retirement portfolio.

I’m Paul Donohue, I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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I’m Paul Donohue, this IS…Your Minute in Reverse!

I’m Paul Donohue, this IS…Your Minute in Reverse!

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