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Getting Mortgage Ready, First Time & Move Up Buyers

When your client is ready to buy a home, speaking with a Mortgage Planner BEFORE they make an offer is the smartest way to get mortgage ready. Whether it’s the first home, moving up, or buying the dream retirement home, knowing the available options and clearing obstacles early will ensure your clients go into the home buying process informed, and confident they are making the best decision for their Family.

Home Equity, The Advisors Untapped Asset Class

Home Equity is a powerful lever, and a highly effective financial solution once converted to cash. When your client is facing a problem only access to cash can solve, lets explore the equity sitting in the home, before raiding the savings or the investment portfolio. You may be surprised how this untapped asset class can be converted to solve the most daunting problems.

Housing Wealth & The Retirement Income Planning Process

You and your clients face unprecedented Challenges in the retirement income planning process. Today 7.82 Trillion dollars in Home Equity sits dormant, ready to be converted from the homes of those age 62 and older. The solution to your clients most common retirement challenges may be sitting there right in front of you, hiding in plain sight.

We are Mortgage Planning Specialists with more than 70 Years of combined expertise in Home Equity and Liability Management, Debt Restructuring, and Home Equity Conversion Mortgages.

David Kanis and Paul Donohue serve the Financial Advising Community with effective Mortgage Solutions for meeting the Complex Challenges of today’s Homeowner and their Retirement Income Planning Process.

Move-Up Specialist, Business Owner

David Kanis “Branch Manager”

NMLS License #113607

Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Paul Donohue “Reverse Mortgage Specialist”

NMLS License #68305

Portfolio Protection

Proper Retirement income planning considers all the resources a person carries with them into life after work. No matter how large or small an Investment Portfolio is, Protecting, Preserving and Extending the life of the Portfolio is vital for retiring successfully.

In the powerful 3-minute video below, Paul Donohue addresses the critical role a buffer account will play in protecting the portfolio in volatile markets.

Defensive Rule #1.

“Always shore up your lines of credit when you do not need them so they are in place when you eventually will.”

~ Paul Donohue

Leverage Home Equity for Financial Security in Retirement with HECM

True Story. Talking recently to a friend and respected Financial Planner, we concluded the absolute worst possible time to retire was March of 2020. She had a client who had been planning to retire for over three years, and the week before the Dow lost 30% of its...

“Having an alternative buffer account to provide cash flow in down market years is vital to protecting future retirement assets, and preserving your client’s portfolio.”

~ Paul Donohue

We can offer you and your client, this critical solution, with the FHA Insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM).

Why Your Client Should NOT Pay Cash for their Retirement Home

“A lot of Financial Advisors still have the conventional wisdom mindset that a Reverse Mortgage is treated as a “last resort” when everything else has failed. That is where the research in the Journal of Financial Planning since 2012 has been highlighting there’s a better way to use home equity.”

~ Dr. Wade Phau

“The single most important quality of life decision one makes for retirement is the Home they choose to live in. The second most critical decision is how to pay for it.”

~ Paul Donohue

Video Resources for Financial Advisors

Leveraging Existing Home Equity

Learn Three Ways Your Reverse Mortgage Planner Adds Value to Your Clients Retirement Income Plan

“At some point your clients will have questions about their Mortgage and the best way to leverage existing Home Equity.

Be certain you have a mortgage professional on hand, with a seat at the table to guide you through those important questions.

Give me a call and let’s see how we can be of help.”

~ Paul Donohue

Hidden in Plain Sight

Leveraging Home Equity to Build Wealth, and Protect the Portfolio.

“As your Reverse Mortgage Planner, we will work with you and your client to show you the most effective options for tapping into Existing Home Equity, so you can build more wealth, protect the portfolio, and improve retirement outcomes for the Family’s you serve.

Give me a call and let’s see how we can be of help.”

~ Paul Donohue

On Call

Why Every Financial Advisor Should Have a Reverse Mortgage Planner on call.

“When the time comes, and your clients ask how to best pay for their Dream Retirement Home, having your reverse mortgage planner on speed dial, gives you confidence knowing you can show them the most effective path forward every time.

Give me a call and let’s see how we can be of help.”

~ Paul Donohue

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