Cash Is King.
The Biggest challenge in retirement is…to not outlive your money. To succeed in retirement, Cash is King.
Income planning, requires thoughtful allocation of your cash assets. The big fear of running out of cash in your later years is an issue you must confront now, as you make plans for your retirement.
The problem with planning is:
#1– You don’t know how long you’re going to live…if we knew that, this would be simple!
#2– You don’t know what unexpected costs are going to confront you, whether it’s a medical issue, family crisis, or the thousand other things you’ll be dealing with, through your retirement years.
Again….Cash IS King. Preserving your cash, controlling expenses and how wisely you allocate your cash assets will be vital.
Central to your thinking Must Be Housing…it’s your biggest expense and largest asset through most of your retirement years.
Where you choose to live and how to pay for it…are two huge questions.
And, what about the Equity you already have in your home? This is your housing wealth…which is an extraordinary asset, that must be Converted, To Cash, for it to have any practical value to you.
When it’s time to get serious about your future plans, give me a call and let’s spend a minute, to explore how a Reverse Mortgage, could help you increase your income, reduce your outgo, and protect…your precious cash assets.

I’m Paul Donohue, this IS…Your Minute in Reverse!
NMLS# 68305 336-254-3027

I’m Paul Donohue, this IS…Your Minute in Reverse!

I’m Paul Donohue, this IS…Your Minute in Reverse!

62+ Reverse Mortgage Specialist
NMLS # 68305

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Cash is King

Cash Is King.The Biggest challenge in retirement is…to...